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This is the most beautiful place on earth. There are many such places.

-Edward Abbey

Branché started in 2020 as a collaboration between Cirque Barcode and Acting for Climate. It is a show to address the climate crisis, created in a way as to have minimal impact during creation and while touring.


Designed to be played in parks or forests and centered on group acrobatics, Branché is a celebration of the strength of community and our relationships to each other and to nature. It is a show to get people outside and inspire them as to what is possible if we work together.

Outside eye: Emilie Emiroglou

Music: Olivier Landry-Gagnon

Acrobatic coaching: Jerome Lebeau

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Duration: 60 minutes

Description: 8 artists lead the audience through the forest in an acrobatic celebration of nature that also reflects the challenges humanity currently faces with the climate crisis. Clearings, large rocks, large trees, and groves of small trees are all used as natural stages for the artists to flip, spin, collapse and grow on together in an inviting show that takes a hopeful approach to humanity's biggest challenge.

Place: A forest or park near you, ambulatory. Typically 3 changes of location during the show.

Set up: 1 day rehearsal to scout location

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