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Graceful, poetic, thrilling. A classic, reinvented.

Silver Medal
Cirque de Demain
Audience Choice
Coup de Coeur

"Alexandra Royer is simply a dream performer, both delicate and precise on Russian Bar, where she throws the most elegant double somersaults that she could clearly land on a button."

-The Stage

Name, Title

Audience Choice
Cirque de Demain
Best Acrobatic
Act on the Ground

"La poésie subjugante."

-La Presse

Russian Bar Trio

The Russian Bar is a thrilling acrobatic act fitting for large special events. Eric and Tristan, the bases, hold a long, narrow and flexible bar (the russian bar) and use it to throw Alexandra, the flyer, in graceful and breathtaking somersaults high in the air before landing safely again on the russian bar. 

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