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Sueur & Encre

La nouveau creation de Barcode, un spectacle theatral

Make no mistake, these are award-winning performers who are among the best at their craft. It is more than enough to watch them do that work. These kinds of boundary-pushing feats come with their own narrative, which is the power of human possibility and held-breath moments between when someone might fall and when, against all odds, they land.

-Broad Street Review 

Name, Title

Sweat & Ink is an exploration of memory and relationships through acrobatic metaphor-

four humans wrestle with their own imperfections and limitations as they rub against the rough edges of memory's fallibility.


Would perfect memory lead to perfect happiness, or can there be grace in our imperfection, beauty in our struggle as we tumble through life's challenges?


Beautiful, messy, painful and funny, it is a show to make you gasp, cry, laugh and wonder.

This creation possible thanks to the generous support of:

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